Woburn Safer Neighbourhood Team

Since the Woburn Safer neighbourhood Team became part of the Cranfield, Marston & Woburn safer neighbourhood Team in October 2010, we have tried to maintain our commitment to address crime and anti-social behaviour issues as much as possible, may be not always as successful as we would like.

A positive point for the Aspley Heath area is that crime has been low so far this year, but as always the potential is always there and we do live in a time where living with the threat of crime is something we have to adapt to.

Some of the crime that has gone on nearby in Woburn Sands has been a garage burglary, some number plates stolen from a car, and some metal piping stolen from private property. Theft and burglary from sheds / garages / barns and outbuildings are the crimes that have seen a rise since last year all over the area so please make every effort you can to secure property, and even secure the property within it (especially larger power tools or motorbikes).

If you see anyone acting suspiciously or a vehicle with occupants who seem to be paying attention to property and look out of place then a call to Bedfordshire Police on 01234 841212would be advised.

Please remember that if what you see looks like it could be a crime actually happening or about to happen,  such as trespassers a garden who have gone out of view behind the property... then don’t hesitate to treat as an emergency and call 999.

We need the help of everyone to keep the crime count low. We will continue to pay attention to issues that may arise on Sandy lane and in the woods on the hill, particularly with the better weather approaching. Again, if you walk the dog or happen to be around up there, then anything illegal you see can be reported on the given number.

If you have an ongoing crime or anti-social issue you would like to discuss with me or one of the Safer Neighbourhood Team then please contact us by;

Phone -01234 842616 or

Email SNT.CranfieldMarston&Woburn@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk